yi dian xin hong kong dim sum, kovan

better than standard coffee-shop offerings, but not worth the hype dimsum at the kovan area – good if you live here, but don’t bother if you don’t. it’s almost certain that anything with liushabao (or, salted egg custard bun – you must know this by now) will catch the attention of my rather overattentive stomach – and so I was pretty intrigued by this place when I read a blog post on it. the food is pretty alright, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning on purpose for the dimsum.

it’s a corner coffeeshop that enjoys a lot of business on weekend lunchtimes from people trying to catch the hype of this chef who apparently enjoys some local restaurant pedigree, as well as those who come for the many stores selling teochew porridge. the place was packed on a late sunday morning, and while we were lucky to get a seat, service was terribly harried, and they had already started running out of items.

they have a menu of traditional offerings without surprises, and we ordered most of what was still available (all of which you see above). all pretty alright, better than the offerings you would get at other coffee shops, and close to what you would get at an old-school dimsum establishment (those that the elder generation like to patronize), but I don’t think it’s destination worthy.

I just have a note about the two buns we ordered: the salted egg yolk custard one, and the roast pork charsiu one. the charsiu had a strange texture, much like small tiny shreds, and no discernible pieces of meat. the taste was there, but it was suspiciously like what you might get at a low-quality place – possibly the weakest thing we ate that day. the custard bun, which wasn’t bad, wasn’t spectacular either – the flavour wasn’t really rich, it didn’t hold nearly as much custard as it was purported to have, and the bun was a little tough. not worth the calories, in my regard.

service was rather despairingly slow, with a two harried stall helpers delivering the dishes as they came out the steamer – halfway through the meal I had to get a plate of vegetables from the teochew-porridge stall in other to maintain the illusion that we were still in the middle of a meal. come here if you’re in the area, and if not, there are better options out there. I highly recommend the porridge stalls here though – they have a wide range of dishes, and you can get small portions of each (which encourages more ordering), and the food is ready and cheap.

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