ministry of food, bugis

decent japanese-style desserts at this chain of cafe-restaurants – this one at bugis. I love all that sort of textural jellies and pastes and starchy components you get in asian desserts – which is what I think western desserts sometime miss out on – and japanese desserts in particular incorporate many of these. I don’t know of many options in singapore where you can get really good versions of these desserts (unless you’re willing to pay quite a pretty penny), and so the mainstream japanese chains do a good enough job to sate my cravings.

the dessert menu here ranges from traditional items like sweet red bean soup with mochi (rice cakes), to slightly more western variations with soft serve ice cream and cocktail fruit, to modern items like green tea frappucinos. most of the things we’ve tried have been between the meh-to-good range.

what I really like here though, are these baked mochi puffs – essentially pieces of rice cake that you heat over a grill or in a hot oven that puff up like mad and create a crunchy crust and a chewy interior. served with kinako – soy bean powder, red bean paste and kuromitsu – a dark brown sugar syrup – this is one very good dessert. it’s also very good with a bit of matcha ice cream on the side.

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