nam nam noodle bar, town

utterly fantastic vietnamese food at the basement of the wheelock place shopping mall. this place is such a gem, and really, it’s the best food I’ve had for quite a while since coming back to singapore. great, tasty, savoury, and wholly satisfying food at great low prices – made even more reasonable within context of its location – this is one place worthy of fandom.

I’ve seen this place countless times, and it’s usually pretty packed by midday-evening – we grabbed a table by the fountain on this occasion, quickly jotted our orders down on the provided sheet like a dimsum place, paid at the counter, and I nearly burst from anticipation. the waitresses were completely vietnamese, with that round slurring manner they have when speaking english, and very helpful, even if a tad harried.

it was a simple meal – and have I told you how tasty? one starter between the two of us of fresh summer rolls – though the wraps were a little tougher (I suspect from waiting before it was served) than usual, they were packed full and served with this saucer of bean paste and chilli which was highly addictive and intensely flavoured.

the first main of dry noodles arrived with a pile of noodles and two tender pieces of spare in a bit of broth – just enough to moisten – and I doused it all in that orange-coloured chilli sauce they had on the tables. so good. I don’t know what’s with the chilli sauces that the thai/vietnamese people make, but just as with sriracha, it is multi-dimensioned with heat and sweetness and fragrance. those two rice-cracker-like things they added atop the noodles were rather useless though – stale and not really tasting of anything, I left these aside. the soupy noodles looked pretty good – and because I was greedy enough to order a side of their bouncy and meaty meatballs for myself, I can tell you that that broth was fine too.

they have desserts and vietnamese coffee – and the multiple combinations of noodles and sandwiches on offer are crazy enticing. this place reminds me a lot of london and the small restaurants you get there – where you sit down for a meal with friends, and pay very little for quite a bit of great and innovative food. a small casual place without reservations, and good, fantastically satisfying food – go for weekend brunch, and go early and hungry.

5 thoughts on “nam nam noodle bar, town

  1. Hi, if you fell in love with Vietnamese food ever since going to Vietnam like me, I believe you will like Wrap & Roll, a popular restaurant chain from Ho Chi Minh. It has been opened almost a year at The Star Vista, Buona Vista. Satisfy your cravings there!

      • My fav is the minced pork steamed rice paper rolls (banh cuon), the deep fried spring rolls (chia gio nam), the banh xeo (I think it’s the best in sg and ho chi Minh), the Viet. Fish noodle soup (bun ca), the beef in vine leaves (Bo lat lot) and hanoi pork skewers!!
        Oh dear is that too much….don’t make me choose lol

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