pique nique, town

decent, if small, sticky date pud in ngee ann city. this isn’t a review per se, so much as a hey!-there’s-pud-here post since I only popped by this place for a chat and pot of tea (dessert’s really just sort of bonus).

it’s a small, open cafe that doesn’t seem very crowded at the moment, and while I remember they had a glass counter of cake and the like, nothing really seems to have stood out – but then again I wouldn’t have gotten anything else seeing as the words sticky pudding were on the menu.

it’s a small portion of cake and a drizzle of sauce alongside a scoop of bean-speckled vanilla ice cream. not the best or the most innovative (this goes to artichoke for the moment), but it was well-warmed and moist, and not too sweet. a decent rendition, really.

service was kind of absent even though it was basically empty – but our pudding came fast enough. nice place for a quick chat, though it’ll probably get noisy when the shopping mall fills up – but a good choice to keep in mind.

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