andersen’s of denmark ice cream, town

ice cream and more at this open air outlet of the dutch ice cream chain at marina square. another quick dessert post while I prepare the recipe for the tau sar piah: this is one of my partner’s favourite ice cream places – he particularly likes their rum and raisin flavour – and we came here with the family for a spot of sweet after dinner. it’s not the coolest place to be eating ice cream – those hipster places with their fancy liquid nitrogen and exotic flavours – but it is an old standby, and still pretty good for it.

we got a waffle with a scoop of vanilla that came hot and crisp – I’ve always wanted to get a waffle iron, and my favourite bits are actually those excess imperfect crispy bits of cooked batter; a sundae of four scoops of ice cream with a drizzle of hot chocolate and the requisite whole strawberry in a chocolate-dipped waffle-bowl; and a chocolate fondue set. that fondue was pretty cute though, miniature scoops of ice cream with diced fruit, waffle cones and marshmallows.

not cheap – but then again, eating out in singapore isn’t really – and an occasional treat, this place is great if you’re with family and want something old-school.

p.s. I have to give credit to my partner for being so supportive and graciously pouring the sauce so I could take a photo – he’s always been so wonderful (if a little grouchy) about waiting to eat so I can get a million snaps of all we order. and it’s been four years today – of being very lucky.

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