potato head beach club, bali

generally good food – and better atmosphere – at this sprawl of a beach club in the seminyak area of bali. I’m not one for drinking – almost a complete teetotaler – but I do like a nice place to lounge about and have a bite, and this place fits the bill. the food came in rather large portions – certainly larger than you’d expect at places like this, which casts aspersions on options in singapore – and though our orders spanned the spectrum of terrible to really good, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting this place at least once if you’re in the area. the prices were fair, the menu sufficiently extensive, and service very friendly. an accessible and enjoyable sort of chilled-luxe.

there are three eateries within the potato head – a french restaurant on the second floor of the club, a semi-formal al-fresco dining area, and a bistro – the last of which we chose. mostly fusion dishes with interesting flavour combinations, we we started off with lassis (a mango mint and a raspberry), and decided on a prawn-pomelo-and-avocado salad for sharing, a pasta of lamb ragu, and a white fish with truffle emulsion for me.

the salad was the strangest dish, and a pretty bad one at that. three grilled/fried prawns atop a mixture of pomelo sacs, avocado and tomato cubes, this had so much potential to be good, but it was strangely doused in a salty-as-seawater – yuck – vinaigrette which obliterated any freshness the salad could have brought. those prawns were also rather hard, as though they had been pre(historically)-fried and then plated – so I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

the partner says the lamb ragu was “alright” – which I think translates to orderable-if-you-really-want-it, but not great. my fish dish was pretty awesome though: the fish was well-cooked, with a good sear and moist flakes, but the star of the dish was clearly the truffle emulsion on the side. full of flavour, incredibly savoury, and impeccably-matched with the fish, it really elevated this dish.

this place is incredibly relaxing, with an expansive grassspace, very comfortable large day beds, and friendly-but-unobtrusive service. there’s a pool there if that catches your fancy, but otherwise the time is easily spent just reclining and people-watching. the next time I come here, I’m going to try the desserts – we were much too full this time.

Potato Head Beach Club
Jalan Petitenget,
Seminyak Bali, Denpasar, Bali
Indonesia 80361
website here, tel +62 361 4737979.

p.s. the processed photos are an ode to constant-filterers-and-instagrammers (I’m not one myself). filters are often given flak for giving an artistic veneer to what are bad photos, but that vintage vibe brings a certain holiday cheer, doesn’t it?

p.p.s. it’s also ironic that it takes such a long time to do on photoshop what instagraniacs achieve in a split-second. probably just as well – it feels counter-intuitive to take a perfectly good photo and imperfect it in the name of hipsterness!

4 thoughts on “potato head beach club, bali

  1. i like your way on describing filters on photos – a creatve way of saving a bad photo, which i think is true. i’m a ‘grammer myself but i dont quite use the filter most of the time. its like adding caviar to bak chor mee. it spoils everything when it is already so perfect as it is. your processed photos look great esp with the typography you chose. it fits the theme well. anyway, great writeup and photos as always but may i request a photo of the beautiful, colorful wooden window wall of that place in the next post, perhaps? :)

    • I’ve seen the tag #nofilter swimming about the net nowadays – which I thought was actually pretty cute: it’s become even more hipster to be deliberately blasé about photos! I didn’t manage to get a great shot of the outside because it was dark (perhaps you could if you visit!) but you can see how awesome it is here!

      thanks for reading my long-winded posts :D

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