zaffron kitchen, katong

standout indian food in the grastronomic wunderland that is katong – I don’t usually come to this area because it’s a little far out of my reach, but the many good reviews of this place were too great a draw to resist. and they live up to it – indian food made modern, really in the style of masala zone in london, which I haven’t yet seen in singapore – I would say this is food that admittedly might play more to the mainstream consumer’s idea of indian rather than traditional fare, but it doesn’t detract from the pleasure of eating here, and judging from the clientele in this place – it might not be wholly unauthentic either.

you do pay for the experience though – prices are much higher than what you’d see at other indian joints, though merely on par with other new cafés/bistros. service is a little absent-minded sometimes – though this only happened with one of their waitresses – but the food is well good, and well worth coming back for.

we started off with papdi chaat, which are essentially little fried crackers topped with chutney and what I would term to be indian-style salsas, as well as a fried fritter – of chickepeas or potato – and yogurt. it was served cold, which we didn’t expect, but it really was a great way to start the meal. spice-y and textured, it was a very good mouthful.

our grilled items starting arriving in succession after – al-dente mushrooms, bouncy tiger prawns and tender chicken tikka, all very good. they had good char from their turn in the oven, and we ended up with two servings of the chicken.

my sister especially liked the butter chicken – pieces of tender chicken in a rich gravy that wasn’t too cloying due to the still-apparent tomato flavour, this went down very quickly with our naans and roti. if you’re like me – in that you prefer roti or chappati to the more common naan, then get an order here. they come hot and generous in a basket, with charred blisters – fluffy and biscuit-like at parts, these were so good you could have them on their own. my parents really liked the garlic naan too, which came buttery and speckled with minced garlic. or you could go for the bom, a butter and sugar filled prata – of which my sister was full of praise for, and had to stop herself from going for another.

I’m full of praise for this place – and it comes with my wholehearted recommendations. there are so many cafes around now that do the standard brunch offerings, with eggs and pancakes – which I am enamoured of – but sometimes it’s nice to have something different, something spicey-y and full-flavoured to break out from the relatively dimensionless hollandaise or béarnaise sauces. don’t expect to pay rock-bottom prices here just because it’s indian – standard bistro prices apply, and I think it’s well worth it.

Zaffron Kitchen
137 E Coast Rd,
Singapore 428822
tel +65 6440 6786

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