cut by wolfgang puck, town

utterly fantastic and wholly incomparable bliss-out desserts at this famed steakhouse in marina bay sands. I have unashamedly fallen in deep mire with this place – it’s now my go-to for indulging in sweets, and I’m afraid that it might just become an uncontrollable habit.

I’ve wanted to come here for a long time – and while I’m bursting with adjectives, let me objectively say that the souffle was high, fluffy, barely deflated even after standing, and when eaten with the chocolate ice cream and creme fraiche on top – was a revelation in deep dark chocolate and that gorgeous play of hot and cold. truly, this ranks as one of the best mouthfuls I’ve ever had.

the butterscotch apple crumble came as a recommendation, and a very good one. the best component – and the thing that made it – was the caramel used to cook the apples. it had all the flavour and hint of bitterness you associate with dark and well-cooked caramel, without any of the sweetness, which let the inherent flavour of the apples shine through as well. I think it must perhaps be a very judicious usage of sugar.

both dishes are in the classical style – seemingly simple flavours with showcase techniques, and really they excel far and beyond. I’m full of clichés like why reinvent the wheel if it ain’t broke, but it’s these so-deemed simple ones that require the most work to be standout.

truly contentment-breeding desserts in a nice atmosphere and friendly staff in a convenient locale, it’s been one of the best meals – we all have our definitions, don’t we? – I’ve had to date.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
2 Bayfront Avenue,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Basement),
Singapore 018956
tel +65 6688 8517

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