liebster award, no. 2


the awesome grub blog was kind enough to give me my second liebster award (thank you!) and here goes:

liebster award rules and requirements

post eleven facts about yourself.
answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.
go to their page and tell them.
remember, no tag backs.

facts about myself

here, and also an addition: I have found the best chocolate soufflé ever, and life will never be the same again. (post for this coming up!)

answers to eleven questions from grub blog

  1. lazy Sunday or busy Sunday?
    busy for sure, if busy means I’m baking or gluttoning it out with friends.
  2. what would be your last supper (limit to three courses)?
    a taster portion of peanut-butter-and-raisin-oatmeal (recipe coming!), an entrée of pan-fried salmon as cooked by my partner, and finished with a chocolate soufflé, as above.
  3. breakfast in bed or breakfast with friends?
    breakfast with friends – but if there are pancakes, then I need nothing else.
  4. eat in or eat out?
    eat in – lots of roast vegetables for me please, thank you.
  5. the one store cupboard ingredient you can’t do without?
    rolled oats!
  6. favourite destination?
  7. favourite food destination?
    london – for food, for the people, for everything.
  8. wine or beer?
    neither – can I get some bubbly?
  9. favourite TV series?
    QI with stephen fry, who’s such a dear.
  10. eating at the table or on the sofa?
    at the table, preferably a well-laden one.
  11. sun or snow?
    snow, and if you throw in london’s grey, I’m a happy camper.

eleven questions from myself

what food defines your life?
what do you hope your grandma/mum will teach/had taught you?
what’s one kitchen tool you can’t live without?
if you left only one thing for your children, what would it be?
what’s your pick-me-up? (or is that a pick-you-up)
what’s the last thing you made that made you think: I could sell this?
what would be your secret super power?
chocolate or fruit?
what’s the last book you’ve read?
what’s the last thing you learnt about food?
stay in, or stay out?

my nominations for the liebster award
(I’m not really sure if these are small blogs, but they are the ones I enjoy and so I hope they count!)

the urban observers
surrey to nova scotia and back again
fashion, food, photography and lolita
el train
christoffer delsinger
blue girl photography
miles from seattle
victoria gloria photography
stream of consciousness

thank you again, grub blog!

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