naughty nuri’s warung, bali

really good ribs – and pretty okay everything else at this small but very famous store in ubud. I had read so much about this place before we left for bali, and was pretty excited about it – I love ribs, and there aren’t many place in singapore that serve it, let alone do a decent version.

we came here on our way from kerobokan to mount batur for a look at the kintamani volcano, and the place filled up very quickly at lunch-time. you’re greeted by the sight of a lady piling up glistening racks of ribs on the barbie, and we quickly headed in to get an order.

those ribs were well-charred, and had a deeply savoury marinade – different from typical american preparations, these seemed to have a complex salty component (I’m not sure how to say this, but I refer to japanese soy sauce as an illustration) that I guess might be kecap manis. whatever it is, it was good; tender fall-off-the-bone meat that gave away from a slight prod, we finished these very quickly. we did also get an order of barbecued pork loin, and while that was also pretty tasty and moist, it wasn’t as impressive as this.

the partner also got a plate of mee goreng – which was pretty bad. greasy instant-noodles stir-fried with bits of vegetable and meat, this was just a plate of meh.

it’s a small restaurant, and it fills up quickly so you’re likely to share your table with someone else – which usually is pretty fun, but in asia that means a rather awkward tension between you and your table occupiers. the ventilation isn’t the best either – it was terribly sweltering in the already hot and humid bali weather, and the choice was between sitting out near the heat of the barbie in the open air, or sitting inside where there was barely any wind to give respite.

the ribs are pretty expensive – on par with singapore prices and therefore rather astronomical for balinese standards – but this place caters quite obviously to tourists, and so that’s expected. grab the ribs and perhaps the pork – but steer clear of those noodles. you’re likely to have better luck with things that go on the barbie!

Naughty Nuri’s Warung, Ubud
Jl. Raya Sanggingan
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
tel +62 361 977547

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