warung taulan, bali

p.s. I just realized you can see the lightning from the storm! how cool is that – long exposures for the win.

pretty good indonesian food at this beautiful (and pretty romantic) restaurant overlooking rice fields in seminyak. it’s a really gorgeous place, with large pavilions serving as restaurants, live music playing, and good low-lighting. we had a good meal here – the menu spans european offerings such as pasta as well as balinese dishes, and we went for the latter.

service was friendly and attentive, the food was tasty and came at a good pace. while the food wasn’t mindblowing, it was well flavored, and made for a nice quiet dinner away from the bustling morass of beach-side bali.

it was a simple enough meal for us – we were taking it easy and could barely be bothered to go out for dinner, such is the langour that bali-living invokes – light but intense, clean flavours. we started off with coconut shrimp, which sounds innocuous and common, but it came as a plate of pretty large prawns stir-fried with lots of coconut – full of curry-laksa flavours and very moreish. I really like the taste and texture of shredded coconut, especially when cooked this way till damp and even more flavorful.

I need to have my vegetables – and I’ve already told you about how the balinese and vietnamese treat theirs; I think it must be the use of fish sauce or some sort of salt-variant that makes the vegetables so sweet and almost caramelized. the vegetables remain crisp and fresh, and the sauce good for ladling with rice – if you’ve never tried sauteing your greens with soy-or-fish sauce, you really should – there’s an intensity and depth of flavour that salt does not provide.

our last order was of a grilled seafood combination – which came with prawns, fillets of a white fish and squid. marinated with a slightly-spicy mix and grilled till they had a slight char on the edges, these were really good in their simplicity, especially with a bit of lime over the top. it came with sauteed aromatics that further lifted the palate – all in all a great composition.

it started raining mid-meal, and the waiters were very prompt about moving us and our dishes inward to another table – and really, the place is gorgeous. perhaps one of my favourite meals in bali.

Warung Taulan
Banjar Semer
Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
tel +62 818 05440220

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