bali buda/bali buddha, bali (delivery)

delivery service from this holistic café in kerobokan – I’ve already told you about our eat-in experience. we ordered the day before, and scheduled it to arrive early before our flight back to singapore.

breakfast by the pool early in the morning – rather than subjecting ourselves to the vagaries of airport food – is an indulgence I could get used to.

the partner got what is essentially a full breakfast, with breakfast meats, eggs and token vegetal matter – and it also included a coffee and choice of juice! I got the pancakes – I had wanted the buckwheat/spelt ones but they were out – of the dense, thick american variety, which came loaded with fresh fruit and syrup.

Bali Buda (Bali Buddha) Kerobokan
24 Jl Banjar Anyar
Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
tel +361 8445936

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