bali buda/bali buddha, bali (eat-in)

good food – incidentally, healthy too – at this holistic café-deli chain, nearish kerobokan. this place has a slew of good reviews on tripadvisor, and I was lured by their online menu, which had a large range of healthyish (and very interesting) options for brunch and lunch – though if I were honest it was most likely the pancake and cereal options on the menu that truly reeled me in.

the food veers toward the healthy-sounding, which scares off people like my partner – and I think men in general – and even has options for vegan/vegetarian/macrobiotic-sounding diets, but which appeals to me. I like the idea of having a large and satisfying brunch with wholesome ingredients (dimsum excepting), and this place certainly served up. but for all you manly men out there with a fear of supposedly healthy food, they do have things like burgers and pizzas – so you can certainly get your share of the mornin’ grease here.

I had the cereal this time, with fresh papaya and pineapple cubes under a shower of swiss muesli. it comes with honey and yogurt on the side, and was a really generous portion. the partner went for the chicken burger, which was pretty good if standard-going.

the most special thing on our table this morning was the gado-gado – really, if there was a place in singapore that served a version like this, I would have it crazy-often. there was a mound of red rice (I’m guessing himalayan red from a googlabout, but let me know if you recognize otherwise), an assortment of blanched vegetables which included beansprouts and kang kong (also known as chinese water spinach, with hollow stems and leafy greens), really tasty fried tofu cubes, and a mound of what I think was very delicious ground dried shrimp. I don’t quite know the right way to eat it, but everything went into the slightly viscous peanut sauce – and was all the better for it. I have a feeling that peanut butter makes the world go round, and this sauce is like a savoury version of that miracle spread. so incredibly and unbelievably good – and good-for-you to boot.

it’s a small place, with a few tables at the back of the store and only one waiter; but service was friendly and there were loads of customers sitting there with their laptops open, working quietly. I liked this place – it’s wholesome and has that sort of yoga-vibe going about it, but it’s not pompous or overbearing in that holiness, and has good food, which adds to its charm. the deli itself has an assortment of nuts and grains, jarred sauces and ready-made pasta, baked goods and even skincare – really a one-stop shop if you live that sort of lifestyle. we were so inspired by this meal that we got delivery the next morning, which I’ll share with you next!

Bali Buda (Bali Buddha) Kerobokan
24 Jl Banjar Anyar
Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia
tel +361 8445936

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