ku de ta, bali

there is something poignant in a dark night spent beach-side, with the wind roaring through and a lonely spotlight going out toward the sea. even the trash on the beach looks like speckles of glitter.

ku de ta is a little moody – less rambunctious than the potato head, and I think it caters to a more mature, quieter sort of crowd. it was low season in bali when we visited though, so take that with a pinch of salt – especially since ku de ta has a reputation for parties – but we got a quiet table porch-side with a drink and sat a little while. I can’t make judgments on the food or drink, but it’s a lovely place:  a large al-fresco area furnished with loungebeds, tables on a porch overlooking the beach, and an air-conditioned restaurant-bar area that was very modern.

Jl. Oberoi No. 9
Seminyak Benoa Kuta Selatan Badung Bali, 80361
website here, tel +62 361 736969.

p.s. the singapore ku de ta also is a great venue – though lots more expensive, crazy crowded and a different vibe from the relaxed one here.

p.p.s. this wraps up my posts on bali – and it couldn’t be sooner because I am metaphorically still eating in january on this blog. stay tuned!

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