bistrot petit salut, holland village

meh lunch sets at this cheaper outpost of the lauded petit salut brand in holland village. I know that lunch sets are sometimes deemed to not be accurate representations of restaurants since they cater to the value-for-money-hour-lunch crowd, but good cooking must be just that, regardless of price. this place is supposed to have decent food – and though it wasn’t bad, I doubt I’ll return.

the mains were of a seared white fish, and possibly braised beef cheek on mash – now these were better, but also by no means impressive. just so-so really, although at the least the beef came in a reasonable portion; just have a look at that tiny piece of fish on a few vegetable sticks.

we chose a crème brûlée and a chocolate tart for dessert, and these were just alright too. the chocolate tart was at least darkly chocolatey, although it came in another nicely-plated but tiny sliver on a huge plate. the crème brûlée didn’t have a decent sugar-top though – instead, there were specks of char on the custard, but no discernible crust. good custard, but a terrible rendition of a brûlée without that experience of cracking a crust.

I sound really grouchy – and I am. lunches outside the barren workplace are an indulgence (especially when public transport eats into your time) and it’s rather disappointing when your expectations are built up by the menu but which don’t translate. maybe next time I’ll head to original sin where I’ve heard the food is good – do you guys have any idea?

Bistro Petit Salut
44 Jln Merah Saga
Singapore 278116
tel +65 6474 9788

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