blackball singapore, katong

great, simple grass jelly desert at this taiwanese chain outpost in katong. I may not know a great deal about great chinese desserts, but I do know what i like – and that means lots of sugared beans, silky pudding, and not-too-sweet.

this place is pretty awesome. their specialty is smooth, silky grass jelly – a black, translucent jelly without much discernible taste, usually served in large cubes for dessert or thin slivers in syrup as a drink – as a bed for other toppings: starches such as taro balls, beans cooked in sugar, and various other accoutrements.

I had mine with milk, two types of sugared beans – adzuki and kidney, as well as nata de coco (a chewy coconut water jelly). so simple, and beautifully good – you get them in four temperatures spanning the hot-to-very-cold spectrum, and the icy version was a refreshing post-dinner dessert.

I’m so anticipating my next bowl – and almost definitely with the same ingredients. go forth and try it!

Blackball Singapore, 黑丸嫩仙草
112 East Coast Road
#02-27 112 Katong,
Singapore 428802
tel +65 6636 2112

8 thoughts on “blackball singapore, katong

  1. This reminds me of the Korean dessert “Patbingsu” that is almost identical except that its made with shaved ice. One of my favorite desserts. Can’t wait to try this one. Your blog has me mesmerized. Absolutely can’t wait to explore flavors in Singapore -T

    • thank you! and I just googled patbingsu – looks so delicious. I have such a terrible weakness for anything that uses sweet cooked beans. I’m keeping this in mind the next time I go to korea!

      p.s. we have a local variant of patbingsu known as ice kachang, which you can get quite readily here. you should try it when you come, and let me know how it goes!

      • We share the same love for sweet beans! I can’t get enough of them. Looking forward to trying this ice kachang. Is it common to order on the street or in restaurants? -T

      • we don’t have street food as such – not even like those food stalls you get in korea – but you ought to make your way down to our hawker centres, which are essentially havens of local food. these places (and food courts) will usually have a dessert store where you can order ice kachang or chendol, both of which are local and have loads of sweet beans.

        you might want to try the newton hawker centre or lau pa sat, both of which many people will tell you are tourist traps (but I think are a great introduction to singapore food!)

      • Oh yes, I heard about the newton hawker centre, sounds amazing. We will definitely be exploring the food all day and night! Thanks for the tips -T :)

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