novus restaurant & bar, town

great european brunch food at this cosy – and very classy – restaurant hidden away in the singapore national museum. I popped by this place for a brunch with friends and the food is rather innovative, and service very prompt – the menu sounds rather typical, with eggs, french toast and common european fare, but it’s the small details and their interpretation of these dishes that made it such a good meal. it’s become one of my current favorites.

we started  off with creamy burrata, served with pockets of very pleasantly green olive oil, over wedges of heirloom tomatoes, and that was a good thing. the white cheese was mild and milky, and while the tomatoes were a little harder than I would have preferred, it was a great starter and a very reasonable portion- might be even better if served with some melba toast.

it’s rather difficult to go wrong with eggs – it’s one of those comfort foods that taste pretty darn good however you get it, and we stuck to that side of the menu on this visit. asparagus prosciutto egg was literally served – but the eggs were soft poached, the yolks liquid orange. it went down well with my friend, though the portion did seem a little small.

but that wasn’t a problem with the lorraine and provence eggs that came after – eggs baked up in single-serve (but large) cast-iron cocottes and accompanied by two large slices of thick toast, these were creamy and rich – but not cloying. that bread was also something great, with a soft inside and a crisp finish, good for mopping up the sauce. the sauce was really slightly scrambled whites enhanced with cream, and there were firm orange yolks hiding within. great flavours, and very reminiscent of rustic french cooking.

we had to finish with dessert, especially since there was a valrhona chocolate test on the menu. it’s a no-brainer with that name, isn’t it – and it arrived as five tiny portions of different chocolate desserts in varying cocoa intensities: a milky mousse, a souffle, a mousse, one silky pudding, and a rather curious meringue. the best things were the souffle and the sorbet – we were picking at the dishes long after we finished, and the worst was the meringue, which tasted quite like biting into aerated musty cardboard that’s gone off (if it could go off).

we also got a portion of elderflower sorbet to finish, and it was sweet and refreshing; a good finish to the meal. the place is truly gorgeous, with high ceilings and luxurious finishings. it’s very peaceful, and that bar area at the back looks awfully welcoming. prices were reasonable, portions much larger than you’d expect – and next time I’ll stick to my egg en cocotte, and possibly get a slice of one of those lovely cakes on display.

NOVUS Restaurant & Bar
National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road #01-02
Singapore 178897
tel +65 6336 8770

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