mel’s drive-in, sentosa

pretty decent american theme-park style offerings at this retroesque diner in universal studios singapore, somewhere along the hollywood strip. this place is just adorable beyond words – the decoration of the place, the little stage outside for apron-donning waitress-pretending performers to dance, the whole thing reminded me of a scene out of my childhood hanna-barbera cartoons. I like kitsch – and I think the whole disney/universal do a great job at transporting this across the world in their perfectly manicured playscapes (probably been watching too much sandra lee).


you gotta eat at these places with a pinch of salt (not literally) – be aware that theme park food is often expensive and measly, and more akin to standard american fair food than high dining, and so adjusting your expectations will help you enjoy it. I personally enjoy the large roasted turkey legs (usually only available at these places) for on-the-go dining, and when I sit down for a meal between rides, I like to grab something healthy and serviceable.

so between all these photos – only the salad is mine. serviceably crisp leaves and a large – truly generous by any regard – mound of heated chicken atop, served with croutons and dressing on the side. the chicken might have been of the processed-compressed-variety, but it was nice that they had made the effort to heat it up, and really – it was good enough for a quick lunch since I didn’t want anything of the fried/burgered variety.

but I expect you all to prefer heartier fare, and strewn across the rest of the table were chicken and beef burgers that they were perfectly happy with, “like macdonalds or better”, upsized chips and drinks that provided respite from the sweltering afternoon.

the place was really packed – we did manage to get a cute red booth with minature jukebox model after waiting a while – and the food perfectly serviceable, even enjoyable, at prices that were just over a tenner, even upsized. I didn’t get the chance to try the other eating places – we tried to get in at the KT’s grill but it was full, with a long waiting list – and I don’t want to say it’s much better than I expected (though it was) since that’s rather putting it down, but this is a pretty good option in itself.

Mel’s Drive-In
39 Artillery Ave
Universal Studios Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa)
11 Sentosa East Mall
Singapore 099054
tel +65 6577 8899

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