awfully chocolate, town

great deep chocolate ice cream at this local chocolate chain – I had this at their store in the crowded basement of the raffles city mall, but I’m pretty sure it’s been made at some central location before distribution so they all ought to be the same. just to share the love a little – this is one of my greatest discoveries since coming back.


I have been spoilt by ungodly-cheap haagen dazs belgian chocolate while in london – and even discounting the darkest chocolate ice cream at scoopz and the creamy chocolate gelato at oddono’s – that’s rather marred my appreciation for the options here in singapore. stores are plentiful, but ice cream is usually an icy, paltry substitute for the lingering creaminess of gelato.

but this place might just be my new go-to. it’s a generous – really unexpectedly so – large scoop of creamy chocolate ice cream in this cute american-chinese-take-out-style box; the flavour is deep – it stands out because it isn’t too sweet – and it gets all creamy and velvety in eating, with a slow melt. and the price is really rather reasonably for the amount you get. and I like those bright green spoons.

I never really thought much of this chain before – it’s pretty expensive going and I’ve heard rather meh reviews of their namesake cake. but I have new-found respect and interest after this visit – so it might just be well-worth returning for the other things (with a scoop each time, of course).

Awfully Chocolate
Raffles City #B1-52
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
tel +65 6338 3527

8 thoughts on “awfully chocolate, town

    • you should try it and tell me if you like it. maybe grab some of that cold poached chocolate on the way so I can finally find out whether it’s good without having to buy it myself (for now, muahaha).

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