the home grill

some photos from a recent home dinner – mum’s a great cook, and while I wish I had the opportunity to cook more now that I’m home, it’s difficult to put up a convincing argument (even to myself) when the food’s so good.

this is another post dedicated to our multitasking george foreman grill, and it does an amazing job with crayfish, squid, sausages and pork; and we had loads of leafy greens and mash to go with. it’s a rainy sunday here in singapore – a crazy-heavy curtain of grey outside – and so a nice one for being indoors. see you guys tomorrow!


also – sriracha tastes fantastic with near everything.

5 thoughts on “the home grill

  1. Yum. The squid looks very good. I can never seem to get good colour when cooking I guess I need a hotter grill. If it makes you feel any better, when I lived at home, I hardly ever cooked. And when I visit my family I don’t like cook because both my parents are so good.

    • I think the secret is a hot pan, and also your marinade. my mum tends to use soy sauce or teriyaki (which also is a mixture including sugars and soy sauce), and that will help with a nice caramelization. it’s sort of bittersweet – great food without any fuss, but I wonder also whether my skills and guesstimation are going to start disappearing!

    • I am trying! but it is so difficult – the mother doesn’t write things down, and I always get fobbed off with “you just put a bit of this and a bit of that until it smells right”.

      • ah, that’s how all the old-school chefs do it. hahahaa, it’s a little tough to follow at first, but just keep at it and shadow her. you’ll get the hang of it. preserving such heritage recipes are sooooo worth it!

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