al hamra, holland village

great – and almost definitely one of the best places locally – middle-eastern/lebanese food in the expatriate haven of holland village. that latter description was particularly chosen – there seems a lack of local interest in the highly spiced flavours of this region’s cuisine, which probably accounts for the scarcity of places serving it. but I love it, and so this place made me right happy.

the food is great, nearly at the level of lebanese I used to get in london – whether a mark of authenticity I leave you to decide – and while expensive, it’s more than good enough for me to return.


I always order the same dishes (I hope it doesn’t offend that I’m grouping the region together – but I’m sure all of us do this in a way or other) – fluffy flatbread, creamy hummus, a type of grilled meat and maybe a salad of fattoush or tabbouleh. it seems to me these are pretty basic dishes – most relying on simple manipulation of good produce – but it hasn’t been easy finding worthy options in singapore.

but they were well-done here, and portions generous: the za’atar flatbread warm and fluffy, and well fragrant; the hummus on the tangy-sour side but very appetising and smooth, and actually tasted of chickpea – especially good with the sweet pomegranate seeds sprinkled over; our grilled half chicken came surprisingly in a wrap of naan-type bread, moist, tender and well-seasoned. the fattoush of crisp leaves and toasted pita was also dressed a little on the sour side, but refreshing with the heavier flavours.

I really liked this meal – I’m sure you can tell. we couldn’t finish our za’atar bread at the end – we kept trying because it was so good, but it was just too much. we were lucky to have one of those deal vouchers which brought the meal from expensive to reasonable, and that’s perhaps the only issue with this meal: I never understand why middle-eastern gets so expensive when the ingredients aren’t.

decently attentive service, and an open design letting in lots of sunlight, this looks set to be a regular weekend hangout.

Al Hamra
23 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277682
tel +65 6464 8488

10 thoughts on “al hamra, holland village

    • IT WAS – I was trying to stuff my face with bread and I just couldn’t finish it. is there good lebanese in japan? it also seems like it might be too spice-y for their tastes!

  1. Oh my goodness. I love a good hummus! I’m so happy you posted this I’m noting this place for when I’m in Singapore in June!

    • I LOVE hummus too. I’m going to be heading to another place soon to try out more lebanese delights and so I’ll keep you posted as to whether this remains the top option. I hope you have a great time in singapore – the weather is blisteringly hot but there is a ridiculous amount of food here!

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    • ‘xactly! but we get so little of it here in singapore – and I’ve definitely been spoiled by the options I used to have in london. do you get it much in japan? (which is SUCH an amazing place for eating, by the by)

      • ALAS, no. But fortunately, 2 of my best friends run an AMAZING, high-end Israeli restaurant in Tokyo, Pink Camila [unfortunately the website isn’t up to par, I gotta work on that] Yeah, London is a great place to have ‘most any sort of cuisine. As for North African/Arabian/West Asian, there’s lots of good places in Berlin & France as well.

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