black angus steakhouse, town

great steaks – and for incredible value – in this steakhouse located just outside orchard parade hotel. let’s start this darn monday off with something simple – one of my favorite restaurants in singapore, and a regular family hangout. we’ve been coming here for ages – and while the prices have risen a little in that time, it remains one of the best (and only) places for a good, satisfying meal in town – not something easily said these days.

in a food climate that allows fancy restaurants to masquerade as steakhouses, serving exorbitantly-priced steaks without even the comfort of sides to lubricate the deal (paying for sides that ought to be there is one thing – and what are these double-digit figures for a mound of mash and a few skinny beans), this place is a godsend if you love your meat and have a beef with those newfangled places. it’s a return to true old-school american steakhouses where you sit down to an expertly-cooked slab of meat and sides, no fancy-schmancies.


and if there’s something this place can teach those ephemeral-fleeting-as-air restaurants that come and go, it’s that good food really is all you need. the restaurant is done up in true old-school american, with a cosiness that belongs in your (american) grandma’s house, and service staff who are both effiient and terrifically friendly. it’s a homey type of place – paper napkins and dim-lit booths, and large plates of beef. I love it.

we always start off with a couple of appetisers – the breaded mushrooms for sure, a crispy outside holding in really moist and flavourful insides; and a rotation between the cheesy garlic bread or zucchini fritters. all good. the one thing I haven’t ever managed to try – but have a burning curiosity for – is the fried onion ‘flower’: essentially a whole onion sliced so it looks like a blooming chyrsanthemum (how poetic, eh?), dipped and fried. anyone else think that sounds fantastic?

but really, the beef is it. there are a choice of meats on the menu – different cow cuts, chicken and seafood – all attestably good; but I come for the beef. I’m pretty simple – always a medium-rare sirloin – but there are a range of cuts to suit your fancy. it’s not the sort of restaurant where you get a diagram of a cow from which you pick a favored cut, but what they have will keep most of us happy (finickies aside, of course).

each order gets you a starter of salad or soup – a thick potato or a stew-y beef one: both great, but watch out for how filling the first one is – as well as a choice of potato alongside al-dente boiled greens.

steakhouses of this sort aren’t really in vogue at the moment – they lose in exoticism and hullabaloo in comparison to those newfangled spanish places we see everywhere – but this place remains my favourite; reliably good food and great fuss-free service. the beef is pink as you order it – juicy and beefy and tender and wholly satisfying, the potatoes fluffy and delicious, and the vegetables bright green and simply salted.

we’ve never made it to dessert here – usually too stuffed, but there’s a mud pie and chocolate fudge cake calling my name on that menu. if you like your beef, and aren’t looking for schmancy cuts of overly-pedigreed cuts, give this place a try. and let me know if you ever reach the dessert bit – because if that works, this place will reach the pinnacle of restaurant-aspiration in my estimation.

Black Angus Steakhouse
Orchard Parade Hotel by Far East Hospitality
Singapore 247905
tel +65 6734 1181

5 thoughts on “black angus steakhouse, town

  1. I like to cook steak at home because it’s very easy to get right and I employ others to mash potatoes and simple veggies on the side are cheap and easy too. Another thing I’ve come to realise is that I like my steak rare. I can do this easily at home, but I feel like an animal if I ask for a rare at a restaurant, even though I’m sure they wouldn’t care. So I can’t say I am someone who orders steak when dining out, but it looks like these guys are doing it right.

    p.s. what is in the bowl in the third photo?

    • I remember visiting disneyland paris quite a few years ago and being morbidly fascinated by a man eating steak tartare, and mopping the juices up with bread. I’m pretty sure they will be happy to serve you whatever gets you to hand over your money!

      that’s my sister’s favourite potato soup – really a thick potato puree with bits of bacon and cheese stirred through (so it gets all stringy!)

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