tulipmania, gardens by the bay (take two)

tulipmania was really a mini garden of imported tulip flowers within the larger garden that was the flower dome conservatory – strips of color delineated by tulip petals, as well as the distinction between buds and blooms. it was a gorgeous display – these flowers very obviously aren’t native to our sweltering, tropical climate, but the wonders of air conditioning and glass-domestruction meant I had the chance to share these beauties with grandma.


I have to say though – it may have been the reason we chose to go down on mother’s day, but the tulip flowers were but a small player in the larger feat that was the flower dome. well laid out, and with meandering paths and obviously curated enclosures, I thought it a fantastic day out.

Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
tel +65 6420 6848

p.s. see part 1 about the flower dome here!

p.p.s I think this might just be the last week of tulipmania, so have a go-down if you’re in our tiny country! it’s a good break from the blistering heat, and fantastic for photos (if that’s your thing).

p.p.s. since this is largely a photo series, I thought I’d share with you two photography collections I’ve just come across. they are studies in the art of chiaroscuro, which isn’t really the type of photography I do – but lovely and inspiring, regardless: sarah anne ward’s seafood series, and beth galton’s cut food series.

3 thoughts on “tulipmania, gardens by the bay (take two)

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  2. beautiful tulips! they are gorgeous just like the ones i visited in Keukenhoft. anyway, im back! guangzhou was fun even though its wayy too hot and humid now. but that’s alright coz i ate well there. those dim sum and chinese cuisine were to die for! :)

    • I’ve never seen the tulips in holland :( it was never the season when I was there. I’m glad it was fun – but I wouldn’t have liked the heat either (is it worse than what we’re getting here?)

      did you take photos and do you have recommendations!

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