burlamacco ristorante, tanjong pagar

fantastic italian at this beautiful, hidden-away restaurant at amoy street. I came here after reading quite a few rave reviews – decidedly well-deserved – and though I was initially a little apprehensive at the sight of an empty restaurant on a friday night, I can now tell you it’s not from a lack of quality at all; and you really ought to make your way here.

the food is bright and delicious, with clear flavors and vibrant color; and while the meal wasn’t inexpensive – it is billed on par with similar continental restaurants in singapore.


there is something very welcoming about the restaurant’s interiors. the tables are spaced well (so you don’t need to edge in on your neighbors’ conversations), and while the decoration isn’t blatantly composed the way many new places are, it is modern rustic – good lighting in a space that is both intimate and cozy, with furniture that smacks of an italian or french establishment.

we started off with good bread – always a good sign. these were rather small rolls with a golden crust and an immensely fluffy interior, with the smell of good bread wafting through as you bite into them. they served only one per person, but we requested more – especially when our starters arrived.

these clearly showed kitchen expertise. we shared the uova al pomodoro, essentially an italian version of shakshuka – eggs semi-cooked through in tomato sauce. that sauce was brilliant, thick and savoury, with a great texture that was very moppable with bread – especially if you pre-dunked your bread in runny yolk.

p.s. am I the only one who hears my mum screaming in my head about how I’m spending nearly two tenners on three eggs?

the carpaccio di filetto di manzo alla mostarda in grani (such a mouthful) was a thinly sliced beef carpaccio laden with greens and a generous drizzle of mustard dressing. almost too generous in fact – I would have preferred much less dressing – but the beef was well-flavoured (I’m guessing aged/cured from the colour) and stood up well to the creamy dressing. it was a very good mouthful, and the bits of green helped to keep it from being too-rich.

I wasn’t too hungry, so I skipped a main – but stole a little from the other side of the table. the veal ravioli in a creamy mushroom sauce was incredibly difficult to photography – beige always is – but very tasty. the silky pockets were savoury (in that cheese sort of way), and the sauce well-seasoned and a great pairing with the pasta – without being overpoweringly heavy.

the food really was good – I wish I had more anatomical capacity to go through more of the menu – and more than deserves praise. the place really is surprisingly unpatronised, though – we stayed till nearly eight and the place was barely filled up. I have a feeling it might be a mixture of price (high, though not exorbitant considering the food quality – rather worth it) and the fact that the central business district is pretty much a ghost town past working hours. great food, an intimate ambience – so very suited to close friends and partners.

Burlamacco Ristorante
77 Amoy Street
Singapore 069896
tel +65 6220 1763
$$$: two starters + one main = seventy-three

p.s. there’s an intriguing chocolate shop across from this place – matt’s the chocolate shop. anyone know if it’s good?

p.p.s. I’ll also – upon some suggestions from friends – start telling you how much the meals were. I didn’t do it at the start because I rather prefer using vague expressions like reasonable and cheap – wait, I can see how this could be more useful to you.

5 thoughts on “burlamacco ristorante, tanjong pagar

  1. quick as a button I am because this is my work-hood, so to speak. do not go for matt’s. I suspect you make better chocolate cake (at least I do re brownies, next time I’ll give you some) hehe.

    and yes! I really want to try burlamacco out, after raving reviews from my colleagues. hurray, one more to affirm that it is good :)

    • BROWNIES! you promise. though speaking of brownies – I’ve seen a few floating about with salted caramel inside. thinking about it makes me very hungry.

      yes go, go! and, I’ve heard that they have good desserts. this might the holy grail of restaurants (for now, and so to speak).

      • i will try!

        also, maybe I need to eat anything first before bringing friends to try anything untried. yesterday, in my rush to have a farewell eat at the soon-to-close Le Bistrot, I asked my friends along but they were not super impressed by the mains and desserts (though the starters were really promising!). been eating lousy food at too costly a price. even Cocotte disappointed us badly.

      • I’m sure your friends ought to be perfectly fine with that – gastronomic (mis)adventures!

        sorry to hear about cocotte :( I’ve been wanting to go back since a felicitous visit a few years ago but I’ve just been reading a few sad reviews about it.

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