one-bowl no-microwave orange-lime curd

this curd, well. I had so wanted this to be a post on how you could successfully make a lip-puckering, citrus-loving curd in the microwave – no fire in this blistering heat – but no. it still turned out utterly delicious, beautifully set and the best celebration of citrus juice I can imagine, but that was after a bit of quick salvation and rapid whisking  – so, yes, still a success if not the convenient method I had hoped.


it caused me quite a scare actually, when my eggs starting scrambling and cooking up into silky strands of denatured white in a citrus pool in the microwave, and no amount of whisking saved it; which is when I decided to lift out those strands, pour in a little more egg and cook it over the stove top.

this taught me two things: curds are very forgiving things, and traditional methods do work best (or most reliably).

I stuck with a mixture of lime and orange juice this time – the sweet orange tempering the sharp fragrance of the green, and it turned out a tangy mixture very amenable to squeezing into eclairs (more about this in a later post; I’m so excited!). I’ve made this a one-bowl-one-step recipe, trading in sink-work for whisk-duty, and it’s a tradeoff I’ll make again – I figured that there wasn’t really any reason for having to add the ingredients at different points (correct me if I’m wrong), so everything went into the bowl together, onto the heat all at once, and came together as you’d expect. I recommend trying it.

if you’d like to switch it up with other citruses, please do. you only have to adjust sugar levels, and that’s not too difficult; I’d veer on the side of making it more sour than sweet though, just because it’s easier to compensate with sweeter accompaniments – like that white chocolate pastry cream you see in the first photo (mmmm) – but experiment and share, please!

orange-lime curd
makes about 1.5 cups

2 small eggs
0.5 cups sugar
57g butter
0.25 cup orange juice
0.25 cup lime juice

    1. measure everything into a small pot.
    2. place over low heat, whisking regularly so the eggs don’t curdle, and cook until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. let cool to room temperature, then store it covered in the fridge until you need it!

I was sent juicy valencia oranges by the kind folks at florida’s natural singapore, which inspired their inclusion in this recipe. these are some delicious oranges, with plenty of tang and flavour. I like my citruses this way – instead of just plain sweet – because it’s easy to gobble a whole lot down without suffering from any sickly sweetness. and not to mention – these make great baking ingredients because of that complexity.

juicy, thin-skinned and a very orangey-zest, these oranges keep fresh in the refrigerator for weeks – so stock up now at your supermarkets because they’re only sticking around for another seven weeks. still seasonal, and hand-picked at their peak, these only arrive at our sunny shores ten weeks a year.

and what can you do with the curd? I’m thinking straight up on toast with chocolate spread, as the star role in a meringue tart – or do what I did, and stuff them into airy choux puffs alongside white chocolate pastry cream, top with shiny chocolate and call it an éclair. that’s for a later post!

p.s. a good project for this public holiday (if you’re in singapore) – and I wish you a fantastic long weekend. what are you getting up to? I’ve got dimsum in the works, myself.

7 thoughts on “one-bowl no-microwave orange-lime curd

  1. Why wouldn’t you use the Thai Limes (Green Lemons) but small chinese limes?

    The “green lemons” taste much like the limes in the West, less squeezing and easily more product.
    They go really well for my Margaritas – I get about 1oz of lime juice for each lime (S$0.40)

    • that’s because those limes come from my garden – fully organic and thin-skinned juicy! those calamansi also have a flavour more reminiscent of local flavours (:

  2. I know what you mean about trying to do things in the micro, only having to end up doing it on the stovetop – I’ve *never* melted choc properly in the microwave.

    • I’ve managed the chocolate bit! but that was after a couple episodes of burning them :/

      after I switch to stovetop, I feel like such a dolt – but you don’t know till you try, isn’t it?

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