la nonna, holland village

decent-enough desserts at this well-known trattoria along lorong mambong. this is a quick one for today – it’s bright and sunny and I have a bit of baking up my sleeve! – but in case you’re out on your sunday errand-run and would like a spot for a sweet, this might do you well enough.

this place is known more for their well-reasonable set lunches – but that’s paltry. sweets! we came here for desserts-only after lunch at al hamra; and it did us well enough, even if it was nothing too special.


they have a decent menu of typical italian desserts – we settled on the lemon meringue tart and a pannacotta, the latter of which really is indicative of the skill of the restaurant. the tart had a great crust – buttery lemon curd (though slightly gelatinous) and sufficiently-fluffy meringue on top, and it tasted the way it ought (average food truly don’t make for descriptive adjectives).

that pannacotta, though – I’m still on the lookout for a great rendition. I read somewhere (and might have told you before) that the mark of a good panna is one that is stiff enough to be unmolded – without the guilty rubberiness of gelatinous-induced stodge, but creamy enough to give at the slightest indent of a spoon. this one is a little on the stiffer side, but still creamy enough not to offend. it didn’t have those beautiful black seeds though – so I’m guessing extract in this one.

it’s difficult to be more descriptive – not in the efforts of being succinct but from a lack of inspiration – with the added restriction of needing to quantify everything with sufficients- and adequatelys-; but if you’re skipping it all to the last line – this place is alright if you’re in the area, though I wouldn’t travel for it (unlike for cut).

La Nonna
26 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277685
tel +65 6468 1982

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