plain vanilla bakery, holland village

decent cupcakes at this tiny shop in holland village. I’m not one for cupcakes, at all – I don’t much appreciate frosting (even if I’m making it myself) – but there’s no denying that they are something cute (and infinitely photogenic).


cupcakes are very much the child-star of the confectionary zeitgeist, and have been enjoying a rather fervent revival in the last couple of years – shops popping up everywhere in singapore and london. this time, I dropped by this place with a girlfriend after lunch at al hamra – I consider her the cupcake expert of my acquaintance, and far more equipped to judge these cupcakes than I.

I’m reminded to inform that her judgement is based on the definitive cakes at hummingbird bakery. these ones were decent, if a little dry and icing a tad too soft when she got back – and bring it home you will, as this is a takeaway place with nary a bench.

I’ve filtered this last shot of their gorgeous sprinkles to suit their considerably hipster personality – even if cutesy cupcakes are almost incongrous with that school of thought: obscure location, check; too-cool-for-school-staff, check; modern-retroesque furniture with no place in local history, check; high-prices-for-a-specialty-product, check-check.

good enough to return for – if in the area, though apparently the twelve cupcake chain is marginally cheaper and much more convenient.

Plain Vanilla Bakery
34A Lorong Mambong (above the el patio mexican restaurant)
Singapore 277691
tel +65 6465 5942
$$#: each cupcake = three.fifty

p.s. thanks clara!

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