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surprisingly decent caricature of a pizza in the comforts of home. I like my pizzas thin-crusted, laden with good cheese and quality ingredients, and well-worth the extra miles at the gym – which unfortunately means most chain pizzas don’t appeal with their bright-orange cheeses and excessive grease. and while this particular pizza falls closer to the latter description, my family had a decently enjoyable meal – and so it’s well worth sharing.

I may not be a pizza expert, but I am a huge fan of seriouseats and their pizza-commentary – so I’ve been keeping up with pizza hut’s international exploits, of which this cheesy-bites-trio-pizza is one.


fast food is an intriguing category of dining – chains outdoing each other with singly-doubly-triply-sausage-stuffed crusts and mutant-miniature-hamburgers-as-crust variants. I suppose this could be considered a pretty mild choice, and the only atypical version we’ve ever ordered.

it came steaming, and opened up to a sight rather close to advertisements – little rolls of crust with cheese oozing out into a more typical-pizza centre. and while the cheese wasn’t the stringy gloriousness you hope (but don’t expect), a little dry and greasy – they were sufficiently cheesey and enjoyable the way fast food is.

it’s easier to eat the circumference rolls before proceeding with the pie as usual – otherwise it becomes a rather unwieldy mass – and even better if you go at the rolls with a healthy dunk in the cheese dip (a molten cheez-wiz), which had great patronage from the sis.

the crust was expectedly bready, but had good browning and an almost conscientious sprinkling of toppings on the surrounding rolls – I meant to say the pizza was inoffensive, but it was better than that. it’s higher-than-average fast food, and very good if you’re in the mood.

decent flavours, and the ability to do it in the comfort and secrecy of your home without public exposure and the risk of foodie-shame makes this well-worth the try. not too expensive for not having to cook, neither, and remember to grab some salad to round it out!

Pizza Hut (delivery)
tel + 65 6235 3535
$: one cheesy bites trio pizza + hash browns + chicken wings = thirty (feeds three)

4 thoughts on “pizza hut, home-delivery

  1. i have a love/hate relationship with pizza hut. at times, i crave eating it and when i got to eat it, i will bitch about the thick bread-y and dough-y crust and the very salty mushroom soup. if you happen to be in jakarta or any cities in indonesia, go give it a try. their pizza hut has the most variety of food that will blow your mind away. (mine already into pieces). i just came back from yogyakarta for a work stint after guangzhou. :)

    • you travel so much! I always remember a grilled chicken burger I had in china – proper grilled meat far away from the fast food offerings we have here! is it a big variety of good food or just a large offering?

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