toast box, town

decent local food in rarefied surroundings at the marina bay sands shopping mall – like the barest extraction of our local food culture into something a little more accessible for both tourists and locals escaping the heat – like me.

this is one of a few chains in singapore upping the ante on our traditional coffeeshops: serving the same dishes at a more consistent delivery (though therefore imbuing it with more factory-type monotony) amidst the modern comforts of air-conditioning. much like a food court, actually – just that these try to maintain a semblance of rusticity and local flavor.


I’m not a huge proponent for local food – except for popiah, really – it’s usually a little too heavy on the carb and grease; but I do enjoy the simpler things like dipping toast into a half-boiled eggs darkened with a dash of soy. and while the prices here may be higher than at your neighborhood joint, there’s something to be said about clean tables and surroundings, and much to be said for air-conditioning in singapore’s unforgiving heat.

we ended up here after a trip to the gardens by the bay – second choice after seeing din tai fung‘s infernal queue – and had a filling meal: eggs and plain thick toast (the thicker, the better) for me, nasi lemak (coconut rice served with a fried chicken wing, egg and fried anchovies) as well as a bowl of mee rebus (yellow noodles in a creamy curry-type gravy).

cheap, decent, filling food – arguably the best value in this extravagant mall. and a great introduction to local food, if you’re so inclined.

Toast Box (Marina Bay Sands)
#B2-62 Canal Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
tel +65 6636 7131
$: four drinks + three mains + eggs’n’toast = thirtyish

2 thoughts on “toast box, town

  1. Local breakfast foods are always interesting to me. It seems like when it comes to fusion and westernization of diets, breakfasts are often the first to go. Is congee popular for breakfast over there? What about macaroni soup?

    • both are common options, but in general eggs with kaya toast and fried noodles are more popular per se. I think it’s because of the interminably high temperatures – eating congee will just be adding to the heat quotient!

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