durian season

the heat is getting truly insufferable in singapore – but the good thing is it heralds the start of the tropical fruit season.

I’m not one for much durian – it’s a little too rich for more than a seed or two at a go – but I do get my (small) share when the season comes around. what I like about the whole durian exercise is that it’s a family thing – and those stalls selling these prickly green fruit also carry bags of my favourite lychees and mangosteens.

remember to drink loads of water if you’re indulging this season!


7 thoughts on “durian season

    • the end june to july period is one of the best times to have good durians. when you buy them, remember not to bring it onto public transport! which is okay too, because eating it at the store is a bucket-list experience :D

      • thanks for that! I think we might try a drive up to malaysia sometime to catch your durian season. maybe the end of the year when it’s not so hot!

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