food for thought, botanic gardens

average brunch food at the botanic gardens – some dishes (the simple ones) better executed than others. I’ve wanted to come to this place for a while – it’s rather popular, and I can see why. it’s a large open space, completely casual canteen-seating predominates, and the menu is likewise expansive – so there’s something for everyone.

it’s not the best brunch I’ve had – really, it’s not even close – but I don’t think that’s the point. it feels rather more like a place you go to to be convivial, or bring your screaming children to without too much recrimination – with decent food on hand to lubricate conversation.

also, if that’s your kid screaming in the corner, it ain’t cute.


it took us a while to find the restaurant (it’s closer to tanglin than bukit timah, if you’re wondering) on a sweltering pre-noon, and thankfully the food helped alleviate our by-then dour moods. it’s a casual place, this – you shimmy up to order at the cashier and food gets served to the table.

the partner had his mind set on the burgers, and the trio of sliders were an easy pick: the kaffir lime fish, a spicy thai chicken and some pulled pork. served alongside fries, these were all average – the bread was soft and giving though, and we’ll recommend the chicken: it was tender, moist leg meat, and seasoned well.

I took the salad-as-lunch option – luckily so, as this was where they shone. the plate of sugar snap peas came tossed in a soy-sesame mix – nothing difficult but very refreshing in its simple greenness. the peas are untrimmed though, and I had to remove all the bean threads myself – you’d likely want to avoid this if you’re on a first-date-first-impressions kind of deal.

the smoked salmon & broccoli plate was a great mix of flavors. chargrilled broccoli, cold hot-smoked salmon and roast beetroot – all delicious. it’s nearly as good as the variant I make myself – and I consider that a huge compliment.

so really, I might return. that salad was really good, and the place does the whole institution of brunch proud – a vibrant atmosphere, nothing too awe-inducing or surprising for the first meal of the day. comfortable like those old pyjamas you can’t bear to throw away.

just don’t come expecting mind-blowing food, and get in on the chillness of it all, dude.

Food For Thought (SBG – Singapore Botanic Gardens)
#B1-00, Tanglin Gate
Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569  
tel +65 6479 1080
$$.5: two mains + one side + two drinks = forty-six

p.s. I have to give a shout-out to their PB&J pudding – it sounds very enticing but we didn’t have the stomach space the other day. let me know if it’s good (or bad)!

5 thoughts on “food for thought, botanic gardens

    • they are SO good, and very easy to do at home! you just cut up into florets, throw about in a bowl with a dash of sesame oil, olive oil and soya sauce, toss it all on a alu-lined baking sheet and sprinkle minced garlic and chopped chili over. cook in a hot oven, about 220C – I like to play it dangerous by using the broiler toward the last part and keeping the oven door slightly ajar so the steam can dissipate.

      the little flowers get crisp and almost charred, and the stems are perfectly aldente.

      but this brings me to a question – do you attribute different definitions to roast/chargrilled/broiled, which might mean you’ve had what I’ve just described, but it was named different? I lump them under the same thing!

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