yum cha restaurant, serangoon

decent dimsum at the serangoon country club. the weekend is almost here! – and if, like me, you’re planning gluttony to an unconscionable degree, dimsum is a great way to go. I’ve done a short post on this place before, but I managed to lug the camera along and disrupt everyone’s eating this time – so I thought it’s well worth sharing.

this place is gratifyingly near me, and so a good option for a lazy weekend brunch. it’s decent-to-above-average food at reasonable prices, and a great place for large family meals.


objectively speaking, this place might not nearly be so popular with my family if not for the fact that we live but walking distance away. the paradise chains have polished menus with more expertly executed dimsum, so this place doesn’t win out in quality – but it does have that old-school yumcha – literally tea-drinking – charm that so invokes nostalgia and memories of family meals.

not to say the food isn’t decent though – it’s perfect satisfying. it’s just more homely than you’d get at the other lauded dumsum places.

what’s good here, you ask? we like the stirfried glutinous rice (which isn’t a common dish), and their fried beancurd-skin wrapped prawns are good too. they have a good rendition of the liushabao – though the skin can sometimes be a little tougher than I’d like – always with rich, flowing custard.

it’s a decent spread of dimsum, and they also have an à la carte menu with lots of cantonese restaurant classics.

the wait staff are primarily old aunties – they bring a special character to dining here. I live in constant awe (and fear, somewhat) of these old ladies – they rearrange the dishes on your table, they make very forceful suggestions when you’re ordering – almost doing it for you; but they are also the sweetest and most hardworking waitresses you can get.

decent food, good prices – and a pretty boisterous atmosphere, which is likely the result of having far too many cantonese families dining at a single place. we’re noisy people. so, very good for families and if you have kids, and pretty much a foregone conclusion if you live nearby.

Yum Cha Garden
Serangoon Garden Country Club
22 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557271
tel +65 6343 1717
$$: one-fifty-ish for five

8 thoughts on “yum cha restaurant, serangoon

  1. Looks good. I can’t say that I’m too discerning when it comes to yum cha. It’s either good or obviously terrible (frozen in the middle dumplings comes to mind). As long as the dim sums are not cold (as they so often are when being carted around for some time) I’m happy.

    I’m curious, what is your all time favourite dim sum?

    • my all-time favourite is cheung fun – the silky cantonese sort wrapped around prawns and seasoned with a sweet-salty soy.

      but, the thing that gets me most excited about dimsum these days is a relatively new find: the salted egg custard bun. I willingly do hours at the gym just to indulge in this flowing yellow custard. do you have it at the chinese restaurants near you?

      and pfffff about frozen dumplings. we don’t get too much of them here in singapore, thankfully!

      • No, I haven’t seen or heard of the salted egg custard bun. Sounds quite polarizing. I do like salted egg though.

        Most Yum Cha restaurants here are run by ex-pats that left Hong Kong 20+ years ago so the food is very traditional. People who immigrate tend to stick with tradition much tighter than those back at home, who consider traditional things to be old fashioned.

      • if you ever visit singapore – let me know and perhaps we can head for dimsum! I think those custard buns are only readily available here and hongkong. it sounds rather strange, but they are completely delicious.

        and your comment vis a vis immigrants is very true – it probably gives them security when they are settling down in a new place.

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