nutella cakelets

I never got the chance to share how to make these little cakelets – but here they are! the idea is simple, really: get your favourite sponge recipe, and add a dollop of nutella to each muffin cup just before baking.

and if you need clarification (as a friend did), cakelets are sub-cakes, like wavelets < waves. sometimes, you’ve got to embrace your geeky friends.


I’ve wanted to try the hot milk sponge for a while now, especially since I’ve had quite some success with recipes that involve dunking a batch of hot liquid in at the last stage.

I’m rather undecided about this cake – it is very plain, and seemed a little one-note sweet to me. great texture, though, with an elasticity almost akin to chiffon cakes and none of the heft of a victorian sponge – a great textural counterpoint to the rich nutella.

p.s. the nutella sank to the bottom – but I didn’t mind. the spread was still soft in the middle, and the bottom had a slight crust-type texture.

nutella cakelets (adapted from the little teochew, who adapted it from trish boyle’s the cake book)

127g cake flour
1.25 tsp baking powder
0.25 tsp salt
120ml milk
56g unsalted butter
3 eggs
170g castor sugar – I think I’ll dial this down to 130/140 next time
1 tsp vanilla extract
nutella, as filling

    1. preheat your oven to 175C, and grease a mini-muffin tin, or use paper liners.
    2. sift the cake flour, baking powder, salt together into a separate bowl. heat the milk with the butter until it is just melted.
    3. in a large bowl, blend the eggs together for a minute, then gradually add the sugar and vanila until it is pale and tripled in volume. sift your flour mixture over this in three batches (this way, you’d have double-sifted the flour).
    4. now pour in the hot milk, and fold in quickly, but gently. bake until springy and golden brown on top – this took about 20 minutes for me, but watch your oven.

4 thoughts on “nutella cakelets

    • I’m a sucker for nutella too – it’s got us all wrapped up around it’s little finger.

      or more accurately, got our little fingers all wrapped up in it :D

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