yomenya goemon, buona vista




I don’t eat ramen
so we went to ‘ghetti gomen.
only bowls of noodles
I thought – what a doodle.

a huge menu,
surely something for you?
I got the pork-sesame
which suited me a T.

it came plainly beige
not really quite the rage;
it got me worried
until I stirred it –

silky strands
perfectly al dente,
strewn with boiled pork and
very filling for midday.

the lunch sets do good
with drink and salad and soup,
the service a little strained
but not enough to complain;

the squid ink and yakitori
also went down agreeably:
rather worth a return,
if you fancy japanese-western.


I didn’t bring my camera to this meal – so I thought we’d do something different today; sometimes a rhyming ditty’s just the thing. decent food, reasonable prices.

Yomenya Goemon (The Star Vista)
#02-04 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
tel +65 6694 3570
$$: each lunch set = barely twenty

p.s. photo credit: yomenya goemon

4 thoughts on “yomenya goemon, buona vista

    • I know! this poem seems to smack of primary-school amateurism though, like when the teacher says “make sure they rhyme, otherwise it’s not a poem”.

  1. Cute poem and very artistic with the logo!
    However may not quite agree with the food, all i had was a plate full of (cheap) pasta and very little ingredients (like 3 IQF prawns), sauce base were just ok.
    Definitely will not be back :X

    • thanks! and yikes, sounds like a bad visit to the pasta place – I think I might have gotten lucky with getting quite a bit of pork on mine (probably because it’s cheaper than prawns). which outlet was this?

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