sur | nuevo latino kitchen, clarke quay

decent south-american near boat quay – and I mean decent in that the food was rather pleasant and accessible for a virgin eater-of-that-region. this cuisine is going through a renaissance in the singapore food scene – it’s safe to say it’s never been nearly as popular as it is now, and so a good time to educate myself.

it was a meal of ceviche, arepita and grilled meats – and though the food didn’t wow us, the flavors were agreeable and uncommon enough to be interesting.


I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this place – but I don’t think that really matters unless you fancy yourself such a purist (which is a kinder word for obsessed, sometimes). the restaurant is narrow and small, so reservations are recommended, and the place straddles a rustic-industrial feel – what with its concrete furnishings and shelves adorned with indigenous produce.

we started off with an arepita – a tiny, tiny, tiny slider of shredded beef and cheese sandwiched between two cornmeal buns. it was so tiny – we thought it was actually a complimentary dish of some sort – it was dwarfed by my hand. I can’t remember now how it tasted – we split this so it was a bare bite, really – but I guess it was alright. clearly forgettable though.

a trio of ceviche was much better – we had the catch of the day in a clásico, tuna with watermelon in a sandia and with avocado in a nikkei. it was all pretty alright – firm fish in a sour vinaigrette with bits of greenage. the best was the clásico – and the pickled red onion gave good crunch.

served with fried plaintain chips, these went down easily enough, but I couldn’t help but think about sashimi salads and how those have stronger fish flavors and a brighter profile. the tuna cubes seemed to have been lost in the pickle here.

the grilled meats were decent – but quite a bit on the greasy side. the skirt steak was beefy and flavorful, the chicken breast moist, but the pork a tad dry and tough. we also got a half each of a pork and a blood sausage – the latter less intimidating than it sounds, and not too livery. the fried yucca (= tapioca) chips on top were also quite moreish, though they suffered from the same greasiness.

the dips on the side were good though, with a sharpness that helped cut through the richness of the meat. they also had a barbecue sauce that was white like mayonnaise, but with all the flavour of a dark american-style bbq. any idea what this is?

prices are rather high, as you’d expect, and the restaurant got raucous as we inched toward the weekend on a friday night. decent food and a nice enough place for dinner: it’s a lukewarm recommendation, but I can’t quite figure if my slight mehness is a result of this place not being truly impressive, or if I’m just too much of a novice to appreciate it fully.

SUR Nuevo Latino Kitchen
13 North Canal Road
Singapore 048826
tel +65 6222 2897
$$$: one arepita + two mains = eighty (for two)

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