tsujiri tea house, tanjong pagar

my favourite japanese dessert place at the moment – located in this nondescript open cafe in the new 100am mall. it’s been quite a week, and I can’t wait for it to be over – a matcha soft-serve at the moment sounds like it could be the cure to all this fatigue.

this is the first singaporean outpost of a fifteen-decades-old kyotoian dessert store, and it reminds me of all the tea-time (and post-breakfast and pre-lunch and post-lunch and you-get-what-I-mean) sit-downs I had in japan composed of all this green-tea loveliness.

p.s. that’s my dad’s attempt at teenage enthusiasm in the background.


it’s a menu that looks pretty large – but it’s all permutations of sweet-cooked beans, green tea in liquid and soft-serve form, jellies, mochi and a bit of cake. not a problem – because I love all those things – but the only option for a non-matcha-lover (other than to unbefriend them) is the vanilla soft-serve. it’s an expertly-portioned bit of confectionary: sized to be satisfying without any too-muchness, and small enough so it still feels exquisite – even if you are eating out of plastic cups.

we came thrice in two weeks – and particularly enjoy the parfaits. the just-sweet-enough soft-serve actually tastes of good matcha, and there’s good dairy in it, too (which is why the vanilla also tastes great). the mochi was nice for a sit-down snack, liberally dusted with kinako and matcha; but I didn’t think the chiffon cake anything special – it was a little too dry and uninteresting.

these don’t come cheap – especially when you consider that you’re sitting in a tiny casual place and everything is essentially prepared beforehand; but the quality is fantastic, the serving sizes reasonable, and those adorably-polite japanese staff so engagingly affable you feel like you could be in japan once again.

Tsujiri | 100am
#01-14B 100am
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
tel +65 6543 6110
$$: per dessert/drink = eightish

8 thoughts on “tsujiri tea house, tanjong pagar

  1. I enjoy reading your posts because they’re always well-written, nice pictures and most importantly, real opinions of food. There are just too many bloggers using ‘nothing to shout about’, which actually aptly describes their indistinguishable blogs.

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