summer pavilion, town

fantastic meal – great ambience, good food – at this classic chinese institution at the ritz-carlton. this was a treat for the mum on her birthday – and we had a great time; I love sitting down in an old-school, luxurious place eating dainty little bits of fatty dim sum.

the food here strikes me as being classic but-not-really, very exquisite and rather well made – and very much in line with what I expect from a chinese restaurant inside a hotel: good service, food that’s interesting but still familiar, and a peaceful ambience.


we did a fair bit of their smallish menu – and it was all pretty good. the food at my favourite paradise pavilion is a little more modern-interesting and might be tastier – but there’s just something about sitting in a hotel-housed chinese restaurant that has all the pomp and luxuriance you just don’t get in a stand-alone place.

oh and before we start, let me introduce you to this plate (just above) of xo sauce – essentially a medley of dried seafood (lots of scallop) stir-fried with chili and other aromatics in oil to create a umami-bomb of an accompaniment. necessary? no; but very good indeed.

dimsum is pretty self-explanatory, especially when the food is more than decent. there are fried golden crispy things –  

silky steamed rolls (my favourite) –

braised and sauteed dishes with savory sauces deserving of rice –

a medley of bits off the à la carte menu to test the kitchen’s prowess (pretty expert) –

and to finish with: the requisite roast pork buns and a carb-loaded smattering of buns and glutinous rice to cap the meal.

I worried before coming that prices would be exorbitant, and that the food wouldn’t be great – but those were baseless worries formed on the lack of recent internet coverage on this place. I certainly had no qualms about the bill when it arrived, service was polite and our tea cups constantly filled – and the mum had a good time. much worth a visit, especially for a bit of old-school chinese posh.

Summer Pavilion
Ritz-Carlton Singapore
7 Raffles Ave
Singapore 039799
tel +65 6337 8888
$$.5: one-eight-ish for five

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