cold stone creamery, somerset

punk-my-ice american ice-cream joint at the confusingly built orchard central.

dad likes this place. that is all.


okay, not really. this place is kinda cute – you pick a flavor (or a few) of ice cream, choose some toppings from their diabetically-inducing large spread of throw-ins, and then they smash everything up together on a cold stone (oh, hey, that’s where it gets it’s name) before smooshing the mess for your dining pleasure.

it’s very american ice-creamy, by which I mean its sweetness is more ben-&-jerry’s than häagen-dazs (which is american in provenance, but european in sugaring), with shades that match the technicolored dreams of a hyperactive child. the sheer range of flavors and add-ins are truly impressive – and can get rather confusing, which makes the long queue almost fortuitous in giving you time to decide.

but hey, if personalizing isn’t your thing (in which case, why are you even here?), there are menu options that take away the hassle of deciding. my dad likes the germanchökolätekäke: a mashup of chocolate ice cream, pecans, brownie bits, coconut and caramel. for what it’s worth, it sounds far more diabetic than it was – it’s laudable how they actually managed to keep this mixture from being too cloying.

and if you’re not into such sweet ices – then perhaps you’d like to head here instead?

Cold Stone Creamery
#01-09/10 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Central Road
Singapore 238896
tel +65 6634 1015
$.5: each = under a tenner

p.s. it’s friday!

p.p.s. will someone shoot the architect of this mall already?!

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