the ice-cream man

the ice-cream uncle of singaporean provenance is a little different from the western music-blasting music truck – but the technicolor iced product and children (and grown men) chasing it remain the same everywhere.

tastes like childhood – and for some (ahem, the partner), it just tastes like another weekend. have a great one!


10 thoughts on “the ice-cream man

  1. This made up a huge bulk of my childhood. I’m automatically drawn to the sound of the bell he rings when he comes around now XD
    Thanks for the awesome post :)

    • yes! have you ever had it? it’s all soft and fluffy rainbow-coloured bread, and half the fun is in trying to finish the ‘wich before the bread starts falling apart!

  2. Haha, this is so cool! I’ve never seen an ice-cream ‘sandwich’ served on actual bread before. Is it sweet bread? I remember trying some fluffy soft bread in Singapore before and it tasted sweet. Love your blog, by the way… this is my first visit. Gorgeous photography! xx

    • hello there, and welcome! it’s rainbow-colored slightly-sweeter-than-white bread – if you’ve tried the fluffy type of enriched bread we get locally, then you’re on the right path :D

      • Yes I did try the fluffy white bread last time I was there. It tastes quite unfamiliar for someone who normally eats wholemeal! I’m so curious though. Next time I travel to Singapore I will search out an ice cream sandwich! :)

      • I’m also a wholemeal-type, but the fluffy bread we get here is usually enriched and therefore proper fluffy. no matter my tastes now, nothing brings back nostalgia like some of that toast with butter and sugar.

        come back here soon (: but you should find bread like this in any asian bakery, if you don’t want to wait!

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