ice cream gallery, tiong bahru

great gelato-esque ice-creamery in the rather abandoned suburban mall that is valley point. this place was strongly recommended by an aunt, and it’s a shame we haven’t come before this: the ice creams are dense, not-too-sweet, inexpensive, and come in a spectrum of familiar-to-exotic.


I don’t have much of a thing for ice-creams at all – it bores me a tad – but when I do get a cup, I like it italian gelato-style, with intense flavor, a soft yield and neither overly-sweet or fluorescently-shaded – which pretty much fails most american-style joints.

this place ticks all the right boxes, and the girls behind the counter are generous with the scoops. we like the mao shan wang durian flavor (enough to have bought three pints home since), and their chocolate can hold its own against the awfully chocolate version. I think this might be one of the best choices for a cold ball of something-something around.

Ice Cream Gallery (Valley Point)
491 River Valley Road
#01-20 Valley Point
Singapore 248371
tel +65 6235 0870
$: double-scoop = six-ish

2 thoughts on “ice cream gallery, tiong bahru

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