not cool, man, not cool


I write on this ol’ blog as an indulgence to my food- and word-loving soul – and I know the internet is no safe place – but still, stealing someone’s content wholesale without asking or informing, is the epitome of serious uncoolness (and a sign of evil).

the offending – and offensive – site has removed all the text (and most of the photos bar one) after I emailed them, but that doesn’t erase the animosity I felt and still feel. I’m not linking them here – because driving traffic to them is nothing they deserve – but really, to all you budding websiters out there – most of us will share our content. all you’ve got to do is ask.

the original post is here:

10 thoughts on “not cool, man, not cool

    • precisely – there was some article (I went OCD and googled “stolen content blog”) that said imitation is flattery. pffff.

      it ain’t flattery unless you know about it!

    • I went slightly ballistic – started reading up on all the ways I could get back at them. so tempted to put a long paragraph of THIS-IS-MINE somewhere on the blog just as you have – smart move!

  1. So sorry to hear about your post content being violated. I get so, so angry in these types of situations… I have no idea how people can just blatantly steal from other people’s content and feel okay about it! Your photos are gorgeous, so I can understand why they’d want to pass your work off as their own… but still. Scum of the earth. Glad that you found the offending site and that they listened to you somewhat. Grrrrr!

    • you’re really too kind! I think I’m just very lucky I found out that it was happening – there must be so many other people subject to the same childish pilfering but never found out.

  2. Good for you getting on them. I was doing research for a Portuguese milk mayonnaise. Found it, then heard a relatively famous author talk about his own milk mayonnaise. Turns out the site I had found the recipe on thoroughly lifted it from this guys book (published in the early 2000’s). When I posted the mayonnaise I gave him the credit, chastised the blogger, and got a really nice letter of thanks from the author. It was a good day.

    • that’s despicable – did the blogger ever remove the post or attribute? and it’s fantastic that you both empowered the author and called the blogger out on it!

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