la pizzaiola, serangoon

great pizza at below-market prices in this hidden neighborhood in serangoon – incidentally, a good precursor to a couple of waffles at wimbly lu. thin-crusted pizzas with a good amount of toppings – but not so thin you can’t taste the dough – especially good because they know how to let it get to a decent char.

and there’s a decent chocolate cake here – but more on that later.


the jalan riang area is going through a sort of food renaissance – so despite its rather obscure location, this place was packed. the attention isn’t undeserved here, though: the food is pretty tasty, and the prices much lower than many similar joints out there.

the menu does have the antipasto, primo and secondo you’d expect at a trattoria, but we stuck with their eponymous flat-topped breads this time – starting with garlic bread, which came as a sort of pizza-primer with garlic slices strewn over. decent, though not the buttery crusty-french-loaf affair we wanted.

but the entrée pizzas were as we’d expected, and more – a satisfying-but-not-over-the-top amount of cheese and sauce beneath tasty toppings, and can I tell you how impressed I was by all that blistered charring? our prosciutto e funghi, and an off-the-menu (which they very nicely accommodated) meat lover’s delight of sausage and ham were both good, though not gourmetish – just good renditions of a great-for-a-casual-dinner-pizza.

a mixed salad was vibrant and crisp (and generously portioned) – I like my pizza slices rolled up with leaves and a sprinkle of chilli flakes, with crisp greens cutting through the rich carbiness of the pizza.

oh, and a shout-out to the chilli – these aren’t the insipid bits you get in your home-delivery box, no, no. house-made by drying lethal chilli padis, they were fragrant and incredibly spicy. I nearly choked at my first (admittedly generously-sprinkled) mouthful – that’s how hot it was – but the heat was very addictive.

we finished with their chocolate lava cake – which was deep and dark and oozy. enjoyable, though it was the most miserly-portioned dish of the night (and proportionally, the most expensive), barely enough for a person.

(isn’t that halved berry just perfect!)

the only thing I haven’t mentioned is that you will leave smelling of garlic and cooking – we barely smelled anything in the restaurant, but the odor aroma on our clothes was immediately noticeable when we left. so – don’t come for a date and expect a romantic time after – unless you’re both into that.

good food, good prices, and if you get a reservation – it’s a nice casual bistro great for the weekdays.

La Pizzaiola (Jalan Riang)
15-3 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
6282 5031
tel +65 6282 5031
$$: salad + one garlic flatbread + two pizzas + one tiny chocolate cake = sixty-five

p.s. they have an intriguing what-looks-like-a flourless chocolate cake, a torta pistocchi – anyone know if it’s worth returning for?

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