nydc, orchard

unsophisticated american cakes at this chain-cafe in wheelock place. this place, as my partner describes it, is a “secondary-school hangout”; and while I didn’t have the sort of youth where I patronised these places (strict upbringing, ya know) – I can see what he means: the food doesn’t aspire to gastronomic innovation, the median age of service appears to emulate their demographic, and the general atmosphere is very casual.

but, it’s pleasant enough in a very unsophisticated sort of way.


I’m not quite sure how to phrase this post – the food isn’t bad at all, the cakes are generously-portioned and rich-enough and really, service was acceptable except for that episode when a waitress’s swinging tresses smacked into my partner’s head as she turned. perhaps it’s safer to say that you would love coming here as a kid, and it’d do as a decent hangout for tweens – but this place won’t do anything for a discerning adult eater (unless you’re suffering from one of those pesky teen-reminiscing phases).

I came enticed by their ‘famous’ mudpies, and left without eating one – though not through any fault of theirs. I don’t really fancy ice-cream, and that’s all a mud pie is – iced dairy product molded into a cookie crust.

what we did get was the elmer fudge/ugly cake, a huge slice microwaved-warm and served beside a spurt of canned whipped cream (haven’t seen this in a while) and some generic vanilla ice-cream. I did warn it was nothing fancy, though I admit to rather enjoying this – the cake was dark and surprisingly-not-too-sweet, and moist unlike the other microwave fiascoes I’ve come across. the goldmine cheesecake was also a decent rendition of a baked new-york type with dark chocolate fudge across the top.

I expected everything to be too-sweet, and it wasn’t – so points there. and I’ve ended up writing more than I expected – probably because there’s something here surprisingly enjoyable. it’s not luxury, artisanal food, but sometimes, it really doesn’t need to be – especially with its relatively low prices, and huge servings.

nydc (Wheelock Place)
#02-19 Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238880
tel +65 6736 3253
$.5: two hunks of cake and a drink = fifteen

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