maison kayser, orchard

okay pastries at this newly-booming german-sounding-but-actually-french chain. I’m not sure I get all the hype about this place – it certainly churns out decent pastries, with separatably-flaky laminated doughs and picture-perfect breads behind the counter – but it just didn’t wow. to my estimation, it holds the same position paul’s holds in london: a reliable stop-for-lunch-or-tea, but not the sort of place necessarily worth queueing for.


I’ve come here thrice now (here’s what I thought the first time), and never been all that impressed – it may be supposedly artisanal but it’s lost a little bit of that soul upon import here, and seems more akin to a better-version-of-starbucks.

but I will recommend their croissants and eclairs if you’re wanting a quiet spot for tea. the pain au chocolat was a big fluffy bit of croissant dough, and the coffee eclair a better choice than the chocolate – fragrant and more complex. decent, but not hype-worthy.

Maison Kayser (Wheelock Place)
B2-01 Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
Singapore 238880
$$: two pastries and two drinks = fifteen-plus

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