a classic marg

I bring you my first cocktail recipe on this blog (and the first proxy guest post), which came after my first experience cooking for a friend’s family. I have dreams of being the sort of proficient hostess who plans and executes dinner parties on a regular basis, and until I have my own house – I’ll take whatever practice I can get.

the friend has a pretty intense obsession with alcohol and the like – not to say that he’s a raving alcoholic (though not to say that he isn’t) – and he made this to go with some broccoli fritters I was cooking that night.


I wish I had photos of the appetizer to show you – the lighting came out all wonky – but I’ll tell you that they were little golden fritters of barely-bound broccoli florets, topped with some tomato cavier and a quail egg; and tiny shooters of this classic cocktail on the side. delicious.

the classic margarita (adapted from the International Bartenders Association’s recipe)
makes 6 shooters

4oz tequila (a Sauza gold tequila was used)
2oz Cointreau (you can use any orange triple sec)
2oz lime juice (thai seedless lemons or key limes, “none of that puny calamansi stuff”*)

    1. first off, the 2:1:1 proportions were chosen because he was lazy they were simpler; the original calls for a 7:4:3 ratio.
    2. prepare your shooters by dampening the rim with a lime wedge (or dip the tops into a saucer of lime juice), and salt them with coarse salt flakes; fine salt would be too salty and coarser flakes cause “less salt nucleation on the tongue blah blah blah”**. chill the glasses in the freezer.
    3. just before serving, pour all ingredients into a shaker, and fill with ice. shake well, and double strain into the 6 shooters – you may add more ice as you prefer, this still made for something potent.
    4. viola! serve alongside something savory – the sweet intenseness of the drink goes well alongside.

*I’m a huge proponent of calamansi limes – my dad grows them in our garden, but my suggestion to use them here was rather forcefully rejected.

**my apologies for the language – it clearly isn’t mine.

our growing edge

this is my contribution to the monthly link party, our growing edge, which connects food bloggers and inspires us to try new things. this month’s party is hosted by Stacey at The Veggie Mama – and if you’ve had any new food experiences this month, come and join us!

3 thoughts on “a classic marg

  1. I’ve never had a margarita shooter. This reminds me of what my friends dubbed “Shaker Day”. Every now and then we would have a party where we bought all sorts of sweet and tasty spirits and we would pour them into shakers with ice and then shoot them back in shot glasses. They were always really delicious and creative and such a fun way to drink.

    • I’ve never had shot back, ever. I like the idea of shooters though – it feels like you could try more of everything. unless you’re like a lightweight (I am), in which case even those tiny portions add up quickly..

      your friends sound so cool! I should institute some kind of cake day or something.

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