fukuichi japanese dining, somerset

great japanese, and one of the best deals about town for a good meal at reasonable prices. this place, I’ve known about for a long time, but only recently had the chance to visit – and then we went twice in just as many weeks.

prices are surprisingly good for japanese food at this quality, the cooking is expert and the food comes fast – highly recommended.


it’s difficult to find a really good mid-range japanese restaurant now – there’s a large unoccupied chasm between between the cheaper chains (though I love them) and the posher japanese joints where you get your sushi warmed by the hands of the chef (and your wallets emptied by the skill of their cashiers), and so my excitement over this place is both right and just. not to put too much of a fine point on it, of course.

we started both meals with a bowl of japanese cucumber pieces topped with a bright red moromi miso – simple, and delicious.

this plate of fried tofu was also light and savory – but really the star of both our meals was the corn tempura. I couldn’t get a good shot of it (I’m so sorry), but it was a revelation: sweet nubblets of corn suspended in a light crispy batter interspersed with chopped shiso leaves – no grease, and completely addictive. you must order it – we had two baskets of it at both meals.

that gorgeous chawanmushi was silky and expertly-cooked – really the most expensive dish (in terms of relative utility), but it was gorgeous with those bursts of orange roe.

the reasonably-priced part here comes with a caveat – the à la carte is priced a little high, though nowhere near that of japanese-restaurants-in-hotels – the best value-for-money option is to go for their bento sets. it isn’t a really difficult choice, by any means – the bentos come with a permutation of sashimi, tempura and cooked items, all of which are very good.

the salmon mentai went down very well with my sister (who’s a little obsessed with that roe-enriched mayonnaise), the sashimi is fresh, and portions are good. we’ve gone through all the bentos now, and the beef is my favourite: a long slab of tender beef in a deep, dark sauce that goes brilliantly with rice. the salmon set is a little less stellar, though still pretty tasty – I think the salmon might have been a bit too firm with overcooking.

and if that all isn’t enough for you, they do a mean crispy soft shell crab handroll with crunchy roe and slivers of cucumber – though really, just get another basket of that delicious corn tempura.

one of the most impressively-priced (in a good way) and reasonably-portioned dinners I’ve had in the orchard area for a while now (almost akin to the japanese cousin of the angus steakhouse) – well and truly recommended.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
111 Somerset Road
TripleOne Somerset #02-11/12
Singapore 238164
tel +65 6271 5586
$$.5: one satisfied diner = forty-ish

p.s. if you have a large crowd like we did (14 of us), ask for the private room. it’s well-suited to rowdy family meals.

6 thoughts on “fukuichi japanese dining, somerset

  1. Goodness! I should have visited this place while on my recent trip to Singapore! This restaurant looks like it offers some really amazing Japanese food!

    • the place is rather hidden away at the back of somerset, but it gets packed during dinnertime.. get the corn tempura! and the set with the beef is very good (though their house set comes with the greatest variety)

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