la tarte tropezienne

I’m here to share a new treat, and a secret.

please don’t tell anyone, but I’m no great fan of macaroons. I’ve seen countless shops popping up on this tiny island with those tiny pastel beauties, but I don’t like those tiny much-lauded sandwiches of chewy meringue with a smear of frosting.

when you’ve finished judging me (hello there, silent agree-er in the corner), I can now tell you about a new find I’ve made that is set to take on those mare-ca-hoons in a duel of french treats: the tarte tropezienne.


a st. tropez offering of cream patisserie sandwiched between brioche dough, this is a polish cake made famous in its adopted home in france – and while I never made it to that region on my gallant through the south of france last year, such is the beauty of globalization that I get to enjoy this in tiny singapore (which really is rather a distance away from those french shores).

traditionally served as a large cake, La Tropezienne is also offering them in Singapore as tiny adorable cream sandwiches – two fluffy buns of brioche dough stacked with a generous swirl of creme patisserie. that latter ingredient is the star of the show – I would love to learn to make a cream this thick and rich, and not cloyingly sweet. the lime variant is my favourite – citrusy and buttery and very delicious; though the coffee was very good too.

if you dislike those puny delicate shells of the macaroons, this is a great tea-time treat; but if you belong in the macaroon-loving camp, we can still be friends – I’ll even ferry up a box of these for you!

La Tropezienne
to order: form here

p.s. don’t make the mistake I did of eating these straight out the fridge – the brioche will seem a little dry to you. leave it out on the table to get to room temperature; or just eat them when you get them!

thank you, jennifer, for the delicious cakes. my family loved them!

11 thoughts on “la tarte tropezienne

  1. Over here we have both macaron and macaroon. These are what we call macaron and I don’t like them either. I don’t like any almond flavourings actually, though I like to eat actual almonds.

    I’ve eaten some macrons only because they are a fad and with fads come freebies but each time I am reminded that oh yes, I don’t like those. I have to politely swallow without making a face. They’re so pretty. Why do they taste so bad?

    • these are brioche sandwiches filled with cream, actually! do I have a different definition of macarons from you?

      macarons: those pretty colored meringue shells sandwiched with something
      macaroons: those rustic french coconut mounds

      and yes, they taste really bad to me too – the sweetness is just one-dimensional and cloying, and the fake almond flavor totally gross. like eating sweet plastic. so many people love them though!

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