of men and machine (and the parade), 2013

I cannot entirely express to you how excited I am about sharing these photos – but I am certainly going to try. a few days ago, I mentioned that we scored some tickets to the national day parade – these tickets are much sought after, and won through ballot – but on the actual day, we got crazy decent seats (even after arriving a tad late).

I did a whole whack-a-mole-type pop-out-of-my-seat routine ever so often during the parade just so I could take just about a million photos – and landed with some pretty cool ones. I hope you like them as much as I do!


and if I haven’t been explicit enough – I’m proud of our tiny country, our beautiful landscapes and sky-scapes, and our increasingly impressive national day parades. onward, singapore! may you grow stronger, smarter, and more beautiful.


look at that skyline! utterly gorgeous.

it’s a phenomenal parade – we start off with a literal line-up of our hulking green arsenal,

followed by a gun salute on a floating bridge atop the water (it doesn’t get cooler than this!),

and then our men (and women!) march out proudly – there’s something about a man in a uniform – in fantastic color and form alongside the marching contingents.

completely majestic.

12 thoughts on “of men and machine (and the parade), 2013

  1. I was in Singapore during the period they had rehearsals each Saturday. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed watching them from the bay in front of the Esplanade (we saw 2 full rehearsals), especially the air show and the fireworks display! I’m patriotic and Singapore will always have a place in my heart. Jealous that you got to see the real thing, and from such good seats! Wonderful images! :)

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