and a (national) parade at night, 2013

just a few last shots from the parade – from when the sun set and our lights went on. I know some people thought the parade wasn’t as good this year, but the atmosphere was positively electric that night. it was like a massive rave!

and there were fireworks! I think blasting bright fire in the sky is the best thing ever – it’s poignant, and beautiful, and full of sentimality, and just plain awesome.


the schedule – and type – of performances this year deviated from the otherwise textbook formula of the other years, but we had some singing from performers all dressed up in costumes from the past,

aided with pixelated illustrations from the talented people of the soka association.

and then it turned into a rave.

all clubbing music to which I unashamedly sang and bobbed to, bright neon lights, teenagers on bikes and skateboards performing flips and spins against a backdrop of smoke and bright sparks. it made me feel so young.

I loved everything – the patriotism, the whipping of my flag in the wind, and even my generally unenthusiastic self flung out the lighted saber to do my bit of waving. happy birthday again, singapore, and kudos to all the talented people who helped with such a great show!

4 thoughts on “and a (national) parade at night, 2013

  1. when we make the effort to go (or rather.. tickets!!) – don’t sweat the little singing, bopping along and waving your lightstick! hehe ;) love that first shot.

    • you’re very welcome! and really – it’s like the most impressive show ever. there’s this sense of camaraderie flowing through the crowd that you don’t get any other time of the year.

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