of a barbecue at sunset

I’ve aching arms to show for a game of squash, a big smile on my face for friday-night-date-night, and some photos to show you of the magnificently belly-busting barbecue I my parents hosted for some friends last night.

cooking duty went to the partner and parents, so I had absolutely nothing to do the supreme duty of snapping photos as the night went on. we had a beautiful dusky sky, giant squid-killer king prawns-lemongrass pork-sausages-‘n’-wings with a good spread of greens – and finished with bowls of grass jelly and a slice of coconut cake (recipe coming soonish!).

I hope your weekend’s shaping up just as nicely – and if not, you’ve got one more day to make it awesome!


p.s. boiled eggs are a surprisingly good filler while you wait for real meat to come off the grill.

p.p.s I’ve included some numbers after the jump just in case you were thinking of holding your own party!


to feed nine people – till quite stuffed, though not yet at waddling point:

1 kg of vietnamese-marinated lemongrass pork
10 hardboiled eggs, quartered
20 chicken wings
1 kg tiger prawns, deshelled but head and tail intact (leaving the shell on would give you better flesh integrity)
1 kg teriyaki-marinated squid (marinated whole, but spliced open on the grill so it cooks up evenly)
3 giant cheese sausages + 2 packet of miniature (black pepper and cheese) sausages
7 small japanese sweet potatoes (their provenance makes for a tender, sweet, non-fibrous yield to the fork)
lettuce, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers, portobello mushrooms

and to finish, a coconut tea cake topped with chocolate, and a punch bowl filled with jelly and canned fruit. now who said you had to be posh to have a good time?

14 thoughts on “of a barbecue at sunset

  1. What a delicious look spread! Quite different to our typical NZ barbecues which general feature a lot of red meat. I like the idea of experimenting more with seafood. Especially when some meats seem to take a long time to cook, seafood can be nibble don almost instantly :)

    • this is already pretty different from many bbqs we have in singapore although to be fair, we don’t really have a culture of bbq-ing, so to speak!

      but you must try more seafood on the grill, especially squid. it gets slightly charred and is incredibly delicious!

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